Former CSGO star Mixwell moves to Valorant, joins G2

Former CSGO star Mixwell moves to Valorant, joins G2

Another CSGO personality has left the title behind for the more appealing future of Valorant. Oscar “Mixwell” Cañellas Colocho announced on Twitter today that he’s leaving CSGO behind to pursue Valorant under G2. Mixwell played under G2’s CSGO roster for a brief spell back in 2018 but left after a few months. However, he’s back now and looking to continue his legacy in Valorant. G2 has yet to announce the rest of its professional roster.

mixwell joins g2

It was presumed that Mixwell would be among the many leaving the CSGO scene. Not having played many competitive CSGO matches over the past year, the timing seemed too perfect for the Spaniard. This marks the latest in a long line of top-tier players leaving Counter-Strike for Riot Games’ Valorant.

Known for his AWPing skills in CSGO, Mixwell has been tearing up the Valorant scene since the Closed Beta. Of course, the dominant sniper can usually be seen with an Operator in his hand but has also been proficient with assault rifles as well.

While this is certainly an exciting day for G2, Mixwell, and the Valorant scene as a whole, CSGO just lost one of it’s most famous players. Mixwell was beloved by the community for his stellar gameplay and overall personality.

As more and more CSGO players leave for Valorant, the pressure becomes more intense for Valve. The company needs to figure out a way to appeal to its current players or this is a trend that will continue in the months to come. If more players leave, that means viewership drops and could spell disaster for the Counter-Strike scene in the long run.

G2 hasn’t yet announced a full roster, but that should be coming in the next few weeks. For updates and all things Valorant, make sure to stay tuned to Run It Back.


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